I think, one of the best things to happen to humankind is ‘woman’. I’m not a feminist, womanist or a cajoler. Don’t misunderstand me. I seriously think that women are much much better ‘beings’ than men. I don’t say that they are superior to men or vice versa. I strongly believe that no gender is inferior or superior. Every thing/being/organism has its own role in the bigger scheme of life. Thats how we are and thats how we are supposed to be.

Let’s look around. Be it the football pitch or classroom or office or the graveyard – women are all around us! And in most cases they are equally as successful as men. I think the biggest revolution of the last century has been the arrival of women in the public sphere and they have introduced stuff that previously were considered too intimate and emotional and suddenly things are never the same as a result. I personally think that our problem is that society has not kept pace with human evolution. Having conquered the struggle for survival, what we all want now is love, understanding, friendship and respect. And the emancipation of women (when one compares today’s situation to the earlier centuries) has exactly helped us to do the same.

As men, we are naturally (a) aggressive, (b) navigators, (c) conquerors as a result we are what we are today. We cannot (a) nurture (b) emote or (c) build as women do. While women can still balance both the sides, men still struggle. Simply put, a woman can go to work, take care of the kids, do the household chores, etc and still find the time to do something of her own. Whereas we (men) can go to work and stretch our capabilities by doing household chores, we definitely cannot take care of the kids all by ourselves, forget finding the time to do our own thing.

Lets go deeper into the Homosapien’s psycho-physiological profile and origins. Scientific advancements have made it obvious that males and females are designed to complement each other’s differences, to fill in their respective strong and weak points. Hormonal changes account for men’s greater physical power on the other, women’s genetic build-up aside from the obvious maternal capacity, has endowed females with increased resistance to cardiovascular diseases. Governed more by the brain’s left hemisphere, women also tend to be more proficient at languages while men in general do better in numerical problems which are the concern of the right side of the brain.

In fact, the truth of the matter is that throughout the ages, male brute power has restricted the relational and sexual arena of the woman—unlike the polygamous man—not because of her physical “weakness” but rather, her inherent procreative advantage. Owing to what sociologists term as “paternal insecurity” whereby pre-21st century man had no way of knowing for certain whether the child of his partner has indeed been fathered by him, man had devised societal laws and norms to ensure the woman’s guarded fidelity. Two of the extreme and abominable examples are the “chastity belts” made to be worn by women in early Europe and FGM or female genital mutilation that persists today among some African tribes.

Central to the issue is the question of which of the sexes came first into the world. Not a few religious and mythological literature share similar stories of creation whereby the first woman and man sprang forth at the same or similar source or shells. Islam which, rightly or wrongly projects a chauvinist countenance, tells of how the first man and woman came from the same soul. The Judaic-Christian tradition however presents a definitely masculine bias in its account of the genesis of the primordial man and woman. Unlike the story of the Great Deluge which has not-so-dissimilar recordings in almost all major ancient cultures and religions, Christianity included, the Bible’s story of Creation tells of Eve as having been formed from the ribs and flesh of Adam. Mainly on the premise that Adam was the first to be created and that Eve only cam from the “bone of (the first man’s) bone, flesh of (the first man’s) flesh”, the Christian faithful has philosophized on the superiority of man over woman.

Owwffff…. I hope you get the point!

To all the women in my life (mother, sister, friends and girlfriends) – Cheers. I love you all!!

God bless

~ by rb on April 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “Wo(men)”

  1. Hmmmmm Womennnnnnn……….
    I do respect womens… but also Men… hehe..
    A very good writeup…. made me think about women in my life….

  2. Thanks for making us understand how men & women complement each other. You really do your homework before writing it down.
    Hope all the women in your life read this article.

  3. Thank you guys…! I think this post truly served its purpose….!!! It actually made two men to think about ‘women’!! Wow… I’ll take that as a mini-achievement!

  4. well studied

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