Ever got that feeling as if you are the only human being left with some sense and emotion in a world filed with rage, revenge, greed, and conspicuous consumption? It’s strange. You are listening, observing and calculating. But nobody seems to bother or ask you what you are up to! You seem to be the only person who could feel the tremors of something strange that’s probably going to change everything. Maybe for good. Maybe for worse. But you are sure that soon the ship is going to hit the iceberg. But the only thing that keeps you calm headed is that voice inside you, which keeps on assuring you that your field is much bigger and broader than the one you currently inhabit. It tells you to bear the average standards of an underprivileged society that has been conditioned without any ethos, values or principles.

So you stand. Bear. Listen. Grin.



And wait till the promising winds of change appear. You get ready with your belongings which are necessary to keep you alive – for another long perilous journey. You leave behind your uncertainties and unwanted notions. You are focused. You know you will survive. After all it’s not just about winning or losing. It’s not about pride or pain.

You know you can be a victor without having victims.

Finally, the time has arrived.

The winds appear. The air is warmed both by the earth and the sun. The waters are mischievous. The sails push backwards against the wind.

And you set sailing.

With the wind at your back blowing through the sails, riding across the waves, sun glistening across the water.

Where will you stop?

You don’t know.

How far will you go?

You don’t know.

When will you return?

In long time.

As of now, you are just ——– sailing.


~ by rb on April 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Alone”

  1. The feeling of loneliness is very much fearful.
    But it’s ok to be alone for sometime so as to think where you stand in life & where you wanna go.

  2. If I would have written my mind out right now, it would very well relate to the 1st para & few lines below that
    But after the wind changes its course…that would be a dream come true…which seems to fade off with the more incidences of 1st para…but there seems s Hope..a Small Ray of Hope!!!

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