Munnar. Mountains. Mist. Magic. Wow, what a place this is!! The colour green just adds another high to the entire experience. And to top it all its blessed with a rare species of flora and fauna. It’s just been two days and I already feel a strange familiarity with the mountains and waterfalls of Munnar. You know, you’ve waited a long time to spend a little time of your life amidst these high ranges of Munnar and all you get is this bizarre feeling that these mountains and mists already know you by name. Your heart fills with pride as you explore each and every minute in this land of abundance but at the same time you feel humbled at the astounding beauty of nature – something that is so wide that it cannot be captured in the lens of a camera, so deep that it cannot be measured by human standards. Suddenly you feel that God has cheated on you, as its not you but its on mother nature that God has shown his unfathomable love and providence. You are jealous at God.

It is just peace and tranquility out here. The weather is calm and does not bother you with any unexpected company. The greenery seduces you and leaves you wanting for more. There is something absolutely magical about the air in Munnar. You are just not used to breathing such fresh, clean, uncontaminated air. Your lungs are lusting for more and more of this air. You are also enchanted by the aroma of tea amidst the tea estates and local breweries. At times, you just keep on staring at the beauty of the mountain valleys overflowing with tea estates and still you are an unsatisfied soul!!

Echoes of the old boys of ‘country’ passes you by as you seek solace in this land of mountains and rivers. You are thrilled to notice that ‘country’ still lives within you and how much of a country boy are you!

Truly, life comes at a standstill here. You are away from the crowded streets, traffic jams, pollution and dust. There is nobody fighting for space here. And everything moves at natures own pace. There is no hurry here. Everybody has got a lot of time – whether it’s helping you out with an unknown place or offering you a simple piece of advice.

Im glad I made it here!!


~ by rb on June 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “Munnar”

  1. Hi rb I am planning to take a Honeymoon Trip to Kerala in the Month of November (Last Week). Pls. advise me except Munar, which is my top most priority to visit, what else other nearby attractions of Kerala which I can visit. My Total Journey will be for a week to and fro and what about charges of Hotels, Trasportations, foods? I should book Hotel now or I can book it once I reach there, which mode will be cheap & convinient.

    I am very eager to visit Kerala after seeing above photographes.

    In anticipation with your immediate reply. Thanks for Help.


  2. Hey Siddharth,

    Since you will be in Kerala for only a week, I would suggest not to spend your entire time traveling. Stick to two or a maximum of three places. Ideally you may want to spend some time in Thekkady (wildlife) or in Allepey (backwaters).

    To have some real fun you must definitely try out the wild-life trek in Thekkady – its a superb experience to see wild animals right in front of your eyes!! If you are lucky you may end up face-2-face with a tiger!! But we weren’t that lucky. In Allepey you can enjoy the beach and the backwaters. Its again a superb experience to stay in a boat house for a day and enjoy the backwaters!

    If you like the beach – you may want to go to Kovalam but it might be very far from Munnar! Btw, in Munnar you shd definitely try visiting the local stores which are near to the tea plantations and buy/try varieties of tea!!

    For hotel charges you can check it out from various websites as it differs seasonally. gives recent reviews. For transportation its recommended you have a four wheeler. If you know somebeody who can get you a vehicle at decent prices – pls go for it. Otherwise they charge a bomb! In terms of food – you should definitely try out the entire Kerala cuisine. Its safe to book your hotels well in advance.

    Let me knw if you need more help

  3. Hi RB. Now just after reading this I have decided to go for my honeymoon here. The feeling you get when u go to these kinds of places is among the rare ones in life. The line ‘you feel humbled at the astounding beauty of the nature’ really makes me think of that feeling.

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