There is something awfully perilous yet an inspiring feeling inside a jungle. On the surface everything and every creature seems to in place and in tune with each other. It just takes a flash of a second to generate chaos and confusion. Be it a predator on the prowl or a few poachers testing their luck amidst an endangered species. One gets a feeling that all of a sudden there are a totally different set of rules and skills at play. As if it’s a totally different universe with which you were never in touch. I was completely belittled as I tried to grasp the strength, the way of life and the complexities involved in an ordinary day of a creature of the jungle. Survival is the word and one has to hunt for a living. As you try and analyze the various different kinds of species, you feel that some are born to kill whereas a few others are born to run. Some are born to chase and a few others are simply – born.

Wildlife is truly an amazing experience. You have to be in there to actually experience the thrill and suspense of it. After watching a bevy of deers grazing and protecting its little ones from the predators by constantly being watchful; a wild swan hunting for a fish; a bison protecting its territory from other animals – all in front of your eyes – one tends to realize the extent in which one has gone ahead in time from the living room to an actual real life, action packed jungle.

The jungle is so much filled with life. Something that we seldom see and experience in a concrete city filled with plastic smiles and false egos. Though there are times of chaos and madness in a jungle, it’s fascinating to see the pace at which things settle down here. From absolute chaos to absolute order, all in a few moments. It seems as if the dumb animals are actually wise enough to understand the way things were, are and will be. Nobody complains for too long. All is well even if a few have been killed by the predators. And take a look at us. When was the last time we accepted anything that was probably unfair to us without complaining? When was the last time we gave an individual a way ahead of us though he/she didn’t deserve it? When was the last time we looked at someone in his or her eyes and said something absolutely wonderful? When was the last time we cared for anything?


In fact, who are the lesser animals? Us or them?


~ by rb on June 5, 2008.

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