Me and Magazines

I love magazines. No matter whatever they try to sell whether its places, finance, business, people, politics, religion, science, films, music, technology or even erotica – I love all of them. The layouts, the designs, the ads, the smell and not to forget the articles! I like collecting them too for some odd reason. Not that I have a huge collection of magazines in my shelf, but whenever I can I try to buy a few and read it. The more exquisite and rarer the magazine – the more better. As a kid I often found myself staring at magazine shops which were covered in various colours and titles. Those headlines always wanted me to turn the pages and look beneath it. I used to feel as if a wonderful piece of chocolate was hidden beneath that tempting cover. Really don’t know where I got this fixation from, but I really seem to enjoy it. Just a few hours before, I had dropped to the near by mall to buy some stuff and I just couldn’t resist buying 3 magazines worth 200 bucks!!

The most tempting thing about magazines is the headline (I’m not addressing centerfolds here). Often, the headline screams so loud and clear that I really fail to give it a second thought before I find myself buying it. I remember seeing the ‘Men’s Health’ magazine in which one of its headlines read ‘Why beautiful women make you stupid’!! Glamour magazine asked this question to its readers: ‘Is your hair making you look fat?’. Now you can only trust Playboy to do this – ‘The women of Enron uncover their hidden assets’!! (sobs…sobs… though I never actually got buying that issue).

And then there are weird magazines like ‘O: The Oprah magazine’ – which are edited by, and then devoted to, the glories of a particular celebrity. For example down south in Kerala I came across magazines like ‘Mammootty’ and ‘Mohan Lal’ which are nothing but magazines published by their fan associations! (Bollywood – read this huh). And the best thing is that in all their covers they (of course) have the same celebrity on every cover!

However, the thing that matters the most is that as human beings we all love stories. And a magazine, at its best, does that. No matter how silly or how serious the headline is, you’ll still find people buying it. At the heart of it all, I think, we all kid ourselves often and we all love doing that.

So, while the Cosmopolitans and Esquires of the world keep running sex tips and discovering hitherto unknown sex acts pretty much every month (though there must be about 56,74,999 sex advice articles) – I retire to the usual life – to work and slog and make some monies – which will eventually help me buy some ‘you know what’!!!


~ by rb on June 10, 2008.

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