Am I a murderer?

Switching on the TV to catch up with the news in general gives me jitters these days. I really don’t know what’s happening beneath the portrayal of all these murder cases; whether it’s the media houses that have decided all of a sudden to capture these murder stories due to lack of ‘sensational stories’ or the simple fact that murders are really on the rise in our country. Today’s news at 9pm (or may be at 10pm) was filled with nothing but murder mysteries. Whether it’s a child who is murdered (Arushi murder case); love triangles going wrong (Susairaj case) or the much simpler campus love stories hitting a dead end (Pune based MBA students Aditi Sharma and Praveen Khandelwal kill their buddy Udit Ashwinikumar Bharati). Murder surely seems to be the word on all of the top reporters and journalists in the country today.

It genuinely forced me to think about the miserable state of corroding relationships in our country. Is it that our generation has forgotten the value of a particular relationship? (parent-child, brother-sister, husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend or just a plain old friendship). Or is it that we are increasingly becoming intolerable to any thorn that prickles us in our usual way of living? Such absurd rise of murders in India is indeed shocking given the fact that we are known as a tolerant race with good adjusting capabilities. If statistics are to be believed then we have already earned the dangerous distinction of being the country where the maximum number of murders takes place in the world!! And the frightening figure is 32,719*! Three times more than our neighbour Pakistan (which is looked upon as a militant state for reasons that run into many) and twice that the number of United States of America. I hope I’m not in any sense sounding anti-Islamic here for I love Islam as a religion and I completely respect it, whereas I do have my own stands about being anti-American.

Only the heavens know the exact reasons behind such an increased rate of murders in our otherwise safe and tolerant Indian society. “Most of the murders take place due to passion, sudden provocation, crime related and family disputes,” says Delhi Police spokesman ACP Rajan Bhagat. Delhi alone it seems has recorded an increase of 1.08% in murders in 2007 compared to 2006*.

I strongly believe that such a sordid state of affairs indeed bear some kind of connection with institutions such as marriage and family. Blame it on the westernization of the Indian mind or the increased exposure to cross cultures of every kind – I think that Indians in general, especially people of my generation are forgetting or have forgot the right attitude towards superiors and subordinates, the sublime but important values and principles of life which most of our parents cherish and the web of duties and obligations involved in a family life. I hope I’m not sounding like a tradionalist here, for I am not one. I have successfully embraced modernity with its flaws and advantages but I haven’t completely forgotten the past. I must say here that I’m extremely lucky to have such wonderful parents who have inculcated such good variety of disposition in me.

Yes, after all it all comes back to the family. The family in which we are born and bought up. Churchill said that, “There is no doubt, that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human society, are created, strengthened and maintained.” How true it is!!

I think we all need to take a hard look at how people in our so called ‘civil’ society are bringing up their kids. Schools should imbibe in children at a very early stage the value of life and relationships. The problem is that though the schools do it, it’s often the parents that don’t teach their kids the value of things! Whether in pursuit of meaning or money, parents fail to spend quality time with their children. As a civilization, I find ourselves very funny. In order to get a driving license, we have to go through strict norms and rules that make sure we attend driving classes. In order to get a good job, we make sure we get the best of education in the most premiere business schools. And in order to produce a child and bring it up – sadly, no formal training or practice is required nor appreciated!! There is no license required to get married or to produce children. I’m not saying that introducing licenses are the solution to everything but …. still….. its quiet easy to get married and raise children compared to a few other tasks.

Anyways. Let’s take good care of our families. Let’s mould our next generation in proper conduct and thought. Though it gets increasingly difficult in this postmodern, post-moral age to define what is right and wrong; can we at least teach our little ones not to take life out of any living organism? For murder first occurs in our hearts. Only then does it become a reality.

*For authenticity, please check the following link if you haven’t been reading the newspapers that often 😉 …..alrite …….alrite I know we all are busy individuals here trying to earn a livelihood for our families!! Phew!!


~ by rb on June 12, 2008.

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