The rains

The rain gods have showered their blessings on us. It’s again that time of the year to wash away our sins, forgiving the past and giving ‘today’ a chance to prove itself. Like the Spartan soldiers, the dark clouds come marching towards us. Announcing their arrival are the lightning and thunderstorms. The thick and thirsty mud will be soon filled with the water of life. Every living organisms quench for thirst will soon be overflowed by it. The earth will breathe life. Green, the colour that symbolizes life, will soon spread itself in all the nook and corners – from the fields to playgrounds, from the roads to old window panes. Farmers will breathe a sigh of relief, filled with new hopes of a better harvest. Kids will dance their way to school, peeping out of their multicoloured umbrellas and raincoats. The wealthy will run for cover, lest not their expensive clothes and bags be spoilt by the rain. The street dwellers will look forward to sleepless nights. Lovers would want to get wet in each other’s arms. The elders would want to indulge themselves in reminiscence of successes and struggles.

And while the world greets the monsoon, for whatever it brings, I’m looking forward to the future. Things to prove and work to do.

Hope the rain gods bring us all salvation from the heavens. For mortals we are. It’s just that we are too busy confusing ourselves with our little achievements.


~ by rb on June 17, 2008.

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