I’ve always fallen for simple women/girls. When I was a boy and harboured great ambitions of a soul stirring romance that would eventually stand all the storms hurled at it, cross boundaries and would set me free with my loved one in a deserted island forever and forever; she was never the hottest girl who was eyed by one and all. She was always that beautiful, charming, intelligent and stealing beauty that nobody had noticed so far. She was always so simple, so real, blooming with life beneath her often taken for granted silence. She was always a woman of great character – always taking stands, having an opinion. Able to look me in the eye and tell me how messed up I am.

Her eyes were so vivid without any layers of the past haunting her – as crystal clear as water. Her one gaze would cut through my soul, leaving me weak in my knees. I could never lie to her. No matter how badly could truth hurt.

Her face was so full of emotions. With a slight movement of the cheek it could convey the most intense and passionate moments of life. Never once was she lost.

Her lips were always in their place. Call it a stiff upper lip. Whenever I couldn’t look her in the eyes, her lips would shelter me – in its most sensuous and elegant mannerisms.

I would bury myself in her hands. That could caress the depths of my soul.

Often I would get lost in her. Discovering her each and every little scars, blessings and nuances. She was like an ocean to me. Always stretching its arms, ever ready to embrace me – no matter how erroneously I wore my attitude.

Just a few hours ago I met someone like this.

It was bliss and silence when she just stared at me, while I breathed the heavy air.

I thought I was dreaming.

I wanted to rush towards her.

And hold her.

Only if she was flesh and blood!


~ by rb on June 23, 2008.

7 Responses to “Serendipity”

  1. omg! That was a beautiful write-up of the girl of your dreams.. so if she wasnt flesh and blood, how did you meet her a few hours ago?
    i hope you do get someone like her..

  2. Hahaha good question Giselle!! Cant answer that rite now. Thanks for the blessing!

  3. dreams do become a reality if you really believe in them.. n hey! blessings always 🙂

  4. Hope you get your dream girl. If you got some time please find one for me also.
    Would be grateful to you all my life.

  5. Agreed that I’ve started my own blog. But I have zero intentions of expanding it to a “dating” portal!!! Ha Ha!!

  6. Heart Touching!!!
    Very few guys look out for such girls who outnumber them…
    Am sure you will find one! Amen!

  7. sulking!

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