Life in the twenty first century

Life in the twenty first century is indeed funny. You live your entire life around concepts and theories that fail to understand you rather than you understanding them. You live around impotent minds, trying to convince them that Machu Picchu is a name of a place that actually exists, even though Microsoft Word doesn’t seem to agree with the name. You end up preaching things that you fail to practice. And you practice things that you dont get a chance to preach. Your life seems similar to one of those latest softwares created by some weird language expert – wanted by many but mastered by none. When opportunity comes knocking your door, you are busy formulating strategies that could make you the next millionaire bachelor. And then when you actually wake up and smell the coffee, somebody else has made good use of that lost opportunity. You want to insult a few people for hurting you badly, as you hurt yourselves when they insult you. You want to pack your bags and see the world, but the world sees you pack your bags and go to the same old workstation. You want to live life on your own terms as somewhere some rock star has taught you to live life for yourself. But you end up living for others as rock stars are never responsible nor do they know any damn thing about reality. You end up feeling jealous for Ian Wright ( traveller featured in the Lonely Planet series) as he explores something new every day, while you do it switching channels with the help of your thumb.

You want things that you dont have and you have things that you dont want. You criticize others for doing things wrongly but end up supporting the wrong causes yourself. You want to do something about the environment but you face your unashamed self buying that fancy car which you always dreamt about. You know that a lie is deemed to be the truth if it constantly keeps repeating itself and yet you teach your kids that a lie can never match up to the truth. You advice others about issues they fail to deal with while you still have trouble dealing with your own issues. You consider yourself a social being. But the truth is that you dont even know your neighbor. You want to share things with the person you love, but end up loving things with the person you share it with.

You stare at yourself everyday in the mirror pretending to be someone you are not, while you are actually afraid to embrace your real self. You have an opinion about every odd thing in this world, yet you find it difficult to accept that others have an opinion about you too.

You plan things that you want to do but end up doing things that plan what you should do. You respect your daughter for what she is, yet fail to respect other’s daughters for what they are.

You live for things you’ll die for and you die living for things you could never live for.

This is what human life has come to in the twenty first century.


~ by rb on July 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “Life in the twenty first century”

  1. Dude, a very very insightful piece…very well thought & very well articulated. One of your finest! Having said that, a few pointers: a) Try & be wary of the repeated usage of a particular style of writing. Go through your piece and you’ll see what I mean. b) The thing about a really good line of thought is that each sub-thought advances the thread forward while staying unexpected and reassuringly flowing. While your broad layer of thought is great, sometimes pushing ourselves to introspect & adding a subtle sub-layer can add wonders to an otherwise fine narrative!

  2. Wow, I’m overwhelmed! Thanks a lot buddy!! Your suggestions have been accepted and locked in my cerebral processing unit. And the breaking news is that you have been appointed as the editor of my unreleased book! You asked for it.

  3. i was looking for an essay and this helped me a lot its all true what is written here thanks for your help….

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