Corridor Conversations

Him: Wassup?

Me: ’sup!

Him: You got it?

Me: Nope.

Him: How long?

Me: Don’t know.

Him: What’s the issue?

Me: Don’t know.

Him: Any problems?

Me: Nah!

Him: Sure, you’ll get it?

Me: I guess…. maybe….don’t know.

Him: Coffee?

Me: Yeah.

Him: What are the chances?

Me: Don’t know.

Him: Markets?

Me: Down.

Him: And what else?

Me: More blasts.

Him: I saw on TV

Me: Sad. Hope the cops nail the people behind it. Soon.

Him: Any progress in investigations?

Me: Don’t know.

Him: Got change?

Me: Nope.

Him: Wow…gorgeous!

Me: Dumb.

Him: How’ll you go?

Me: Don’t know.

Him: All the best mate.

Me: (Silence)

Him: Screw it.

Me: Hmm

Him: So long.

Me: So long.


~ by rb on July 27, 2008.

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