The Full Circle

“Two may talk together

under the same roof for many years,

yet never really meet;

and two others at first speech

are old friends” – Mary Catherwood

All right, its friendship day today and its not a crime to admit that I really didn’t know about it until a young bloke came up to me, giving me a big tight hug, wishing “Happy Friendship Day!!” For a moment I was dazed. Not knowing what to say in return as I figured out that I was indeed in a state of a mild embarrassment for not remembering this day, I almost happened to tell him, “Thank You!” (That’s what you do, right? If someone wishes you, one tends to acknowledge it by thanking them.) But suddenly it struck me that it won’t be the apt reply considering the zeal and enthusiasm with which he wished me. So, managing to put on a familiar facial expression, I found myself telling him “Happy Friendship Day!”

Keeping aside the bigger debate of whether this day (or any particular day) should be kept aside for remembering one of the most important things in life, like friendship, I’ll move on to the precise reason for writing this post.

It’s been on my mind for quite some time that I have been thinking about writing something on friendship and how I’ve been blessed by the heavens for having such endearing acquaintances. Whether it was school, college or office – I’ve always managed to find a good friend. Or rather, some good soul manages to find me! And as a result of these capricious encounters, I always have fond memories of all the past years of my life.

Isn’t it wonderful to believe that, there are a bunch of genuine people in this world who don’t expect anything much from you and still love you? I think that is what friends really are – genuine souls, zero expectations, unlimited love and care. In their company I am completely at ease. I’m accepted just as I am. I don’t pretend to be anyone nor do I try to claim something that I don’t actually possess. Its just 100 per cent original me. I’ve grown up with them. Wondering, sharing, debating, bullying, crying and learning together. And so far (thank God) it has been such a wonderful journey!

There are times when we don’t have nothing much to talk about. But just sitting in each others company, maybe in complete silence, liberates us. Before I get drowned in all those nostalgic memories, I just want to tell all of my friends – that I really love them –from the bottom of my heart. You’ll are the only wealth that I truly possess in this world!

This post is dedicated to all my friends (without any order): “the family” consisting of “V, A, N, S”, the b, the husband, the wifey, the satan, the panda, the r, the s & r, the pc, the duck, the a, the sis, the ja, the s & a, the h (who will be engaged soon!) and the truck loads of young boys and gals of my YF!!

P.S.: And if your name still doesn’t figure in the above list, you are still special, if I’ve told you about what you’re reading!!


~ by rb on August 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Full Circle”

  1. oye man…..some heavy duty stuff, loved reading it and hopefully we’ll all meet up soon….when u feel like having some home made fried chicken late at night come on over….. hope im on that list…. 🙂

  2. oye woman… you call this heavy duty stuff,huh? I wonder what will happen to you if you read the “real” heavy duty stuff!! Thanks a lot for your comment and OF COURSE you are on my list… remember at times I address you as “wifey”? Maybe I should change your name to ‘the weak duckling’, considering your present circumstances!! Haha… Yes lets catch up this weekend… and fried chicken rules!

  3. That was a beautiful poem.

  4. Man you are right, it’s a blessing from God that after Parents, we have got good friends!

  5. True!!! And we are sssoooooooo lucky!

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