Growing up!

You know you are growing old when

1) You get marriage proposals from every nook and corner of the world

2) A small kid lovingly addresses you as “uncle” or “aunty”

3) You see yourself more often reading coloured newspapers with graphs and quaterly reports

4) You find CNBC more interesting that the “Backyard Science Show”

5) You no more feel all jazzed up about celebrating your own birthday

6) No matter how big your salary is, you always end up feeling that you have very less money

7) Half of your time is spent on thinking about the future

8 ) Your parents complain of body aches

9) Fifty five percent of your time is spent in the board room

10) You no longer have the time and inclination to just “stare” at the things that surround you

11) You worry about daily groceries and bills

12) Your school teacher fails to recognize you

13) Your ex-girlfriends have become mothers

14) You keep complaining about virtually everything

15) You are curious enough to take a look at books titled “How to close that deal”

16) You no longer notice the number of mangoes on the mango tree

17) You find a strong liking towards animated movies and shows

18) You start naming your childhood memorabilia as junk

19) You start thinking of things like “Does sex really matter”?

20) You find youngsters asking you some kind of “career advice”

21) You develop a rationale answer to everything

22) You feel nostalgic when you hold a pencil

23) Your parents seem to shrink in size

24) And they even buy your point during arguments

25) You are least bothered about your handwriting

26) Women make a pass at you and girls dont even ackowledge your existence

27) Somebody gives you the responsibility to take care of their kid for an hour and actually thinks that you are capable of doing it!

28) Going to the zoo sounds disinteresting

29) You have developed a strong sense of likes and dislikes

30) You give high importance to weekends

31) You see yourself as hardworking, talented, team player, blah blah blah

32) You start worrying about your health

33) You have a financial planner in your life

34) You think of dating your boss’ daughter

35) Nobody invites you to play cricket or football

36) You introduce yourself on the basis of your job and designation

37) It’s been ages since you’ve been to an amusement park

38) You find yourself doing at least “five things” in the same fashion for five days a week

39) Words like “those days” are part of your conversations

And the list goes on and on

And how I hate to grow up!!!


~ by rb on September 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Growing up!”

  1. Seems now you have accepted the fact that you are old enough to be called an Uncle.

  2. Sad but true!

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