The Black Man in the White House

Could he be

What the world thinks he can be


Could he be what he thinks

The world can be

What ever it is, all I know is that

Opinions are at stake

And no American wants

To repeat his/her mistake

For this man is deemed to be

An important candidate

Who very well could be

The President of the United States.

They tell he is a humanitarian

And a humble Christian

Has a god-fearing family

And maintains his own diary

Again, what ever he may be

And whatever he may do

Nobody will forget the moment

When a man with a Muslim name

Born to an African immigrant

Bred in the “third world” fame

Will be a witness to the pronouncement

Of being the First Black

American President.


~ by rb on September 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Black Man in the White House”

  1. Obama has not acted presidential and has been buddies with William Ayers a known terrist! Sorry but tha not something I want in the White House!

  2. Oh!! That’s a new insight!

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