Everything around us is changing. Changing much faster than we thought it actually would. Boundaries and norms are challenged. Old and trusted business models are thrown out of the window. And those who fail to keep pace with change, are actually left far behind. Following are few of my observations and it only makes good sense if we view it from a holistic perspective:

# 1 – Life is no more a journey; its a commodity

# 2 – Its not about convenience; its about indulgence

# 3 – Consumerism is the new religion and the ‘self’ is its chief idol

# 4 – Markets have become unpredictable; while women are perceived to be more level headed and predictable

# 5 – Strategies suck; Innovation rules

# 6 – Virtual reality has killed the actual reality

# 7 – Qualifications have taken a backseat; Ideas have taken the centre stage

# 8 – Embracing the new requires one to completely abandon the past

# 9 – The world is getting smaller and simpler; while economies are getting bigger and bolder

#10 – Affairs are frequent; marriages are rare


~ by rb on September 25, 2008.

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