Come and go

It’s interesting to observe how different people from different walks of life enter and exit our lives.

Some grow to become an irremovable part of us, while others just disappear like the mist when the sun comes strong on us.

Some add value to certain aspects of our life, while others try to poison our sacred space.

Some of them enter our lives with an agenda, and some don’t even know what exactly they are doing in our life.

A few of them may be good listeners but most of them want to be listened to.

A few of them offer genuine help but most of them will just give us an advice.

A few of them grow to become sweet memories but most of them just end up as pale contact numbers on our cell phone.

They all come and go.

Come and go.

However, what matters the most is – how you treat every one of them when all is said and done?

Do they think of you in the same way you think of them? Or do they surprise you by asking you for a small help on a busy Monday morning?

Do you remind them of a wooden plank void of any humane expressions/capabilities or a huge banyan tree that offers its soothing shade to any stranger on a burning afternoon, unconditionally?

Do you take an offence so seriously that you don’t think twice before uttering the word ‘revenge’ or do you really mind if you are made a fool even though you are consciously allowing the world to take a dig at you?

Everyday, at some point in time, I ask myself a few random questions.

Sometimes I find an answer and sometimes I don’t.


~ by rb on October 6, 2008.

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  1. Very True….

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