The Child Within Me

Children are magical creatures. Whenever I’m absolutely frustrated with the crude characteristics of the adult world, I often find myself taking shelter beneath the overwhelming shade of childhood innocence. While today was nothing less different than yesterday, I again found myself in the company of these amiable angels. And the best part is, one never needs to introduce oneself in the company of children. They just accept you as part of themselves, without asking you – your name, relation, occupation, etc. So, it’s often up to the individual, to decide how long or how far does he/she intents to loose himself/herself.

While I was completely lost in their fairylike existence, it just struck me that it requires of one to unlearn so many things if one wants to immerse one’s self amongst children. From the repetitive answering to the never ending curiosity – be it a butterfly or an abandoned thread – kids just find a way of surrounding themselves with anything and everything. Something that we (grown-ups) vehemently avoid.. maybe because we all are so full of ourselves. They never lose their sense of wonder. Even if they are at times disturbed by an overbearing sensation of pain, when they fall or get hurt, it just takes them only a few moments to redeem themselves from it.

And I was just thinking that maybe, as grown ups, we all have lost that sense of wonder in us… Maybe we don’t have that kind of capacity anymore in us to redeem ourselves from painful conditions with such ease and comfort. Somewhere, sometime… maybe we all have murdered the child within us.

It’s just so easy to grow up and so difficult to be childlike!

Once in a while, I just let loose the child within me.

And blood rushes through my veins, my heart beats faster than its usual pace.

And I feel completely alive!


~ by rb on October 23, 2008.

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