Maximum city, Maximum impact!


As I write these words, its been exactly seven days since the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and history has already been created in the streets of Mumbai. Its not just people from all walks of life, but people who are well educated, with more than average capacities to articulate and act, who wear anything from a Gucci to a Ganji, who are employed with the best of companies – are doing just one big thing – EXPRESSING THEMSELVES!!

While different news corporations might interpret this event as ‘people’s outrage on the government’, or ‘people’s plea for unity’ or even ‘people’s reply to the terrorists’ – at the end of the day, I would like to see it as ‘people expressing themselves freely in a free country’. Hats off to all those Mumbaikars (a terminology used for people who reside in Mumbai) who came down to the streets after a hectic day of work with candles, slogans, opinions and most importantly – the will – to do something, to change something! Its probably been a first-of-a-kind event in the history of India, where youths in particular irrespective of caste, creed and status showed an overwhelming sense of camaraderie, never seen before in modern India.

One could see slogan boards of various sizes and shapes with caption like “Enough is Enough”, “Nation of Lions, Led by Donkeys”, “We declare war on terrorism” and so on. Another interesting fact is that there was zero political motivation and zero policing. It was just a sea of concerned citizens, revealing their true intent and potential. One could also spot teenagers with comments on their t-shirts, playing patriotic songs from their i-phones, discussing and debating. Instant support was shown by the citizens of Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi, who had also came to their streets.

While I wonder what kinda snowball effect might happen in the future, all I know is that, today I’m really really proud of my country and its people. It was definitely ‘a wednesday’ to remember! Especially for me, with respect to a few personal happenings.


~ by rb on December 3, 2008.

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