The question nobody wishes to answer

While concerned citizens are still asking questions and specialist groups like FBI, Shin Bet, Scotland Yard are helping the Mumbai Police in different capacities: the question one still needs to ask is, “Can we really ever get to the root of these baneful acts?” One could blame the various religious fundamentalists and their outfits who openly support such attacks, but at the same time one can never get to the root of all these things. To put it more simply: who is responsible for the emergence of outfits like the Mujahideen and Al Kaeda? Why were these organizations formed and against whom?

Presently, all forensic and interrogative reports indicate that these kinds of terror attacks are planned very carefully in countries outside India by terrorists who not only brainwash and train individuals but also plant them here. So does it mean that we could blame a particular nation (Pakistan in this case) or religion for all these attacks?

I dont think so. Maybe the problem is so complex that it turns out to be a part of a vicious cycle wherein, for the pursuit of competing against each other for scientific and technological advancements, all major developed economies must have had their own ugly hand beneath the present crisis – that threatens to wipe away social security of civilians.

My biggest worry is: what if Pakistan doesn’t agree to the allegations that they are a breeding ground for terrorists? And technically can we blame a nation state for being an unlucky breeding ground for terrorists even if their government is against all kinds of terrorists?

I really dont know! If the Pakistan government co-operates with India, things seem to look better. And if they don’t, with pressure mounting from U.S., Israel and other nations, are we smelling a war already?

~ by rb on December 3, 2008.

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