Coup-de-maître 2008!

Ten: The Orphanage


Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro’s work comes as a big sign of hope for intelligent-horror movie lovers like me! Off late when most of the horror movies have predictable twisted plots and on the face gory scenes filled with blood and carcass, The Orphanage ( El Orfanato) is one awesome movie that bravely stands out and challenges directors to come up with innovative yet believable story lines. From its first scene of tearing wallpaper images to its final climax, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable flick – provided you know how to enjoy a horror movie

Nine: Body of lies


Agreed this movie was a little over-hyped. But somehow it still leaves you with brilliant insights and learnings regarding secret organizations and its activities. Brilliantly shot across various locales, a decent story line (though I think it could have been more tight), a theme that haunts the modern world, added with an engaging musical score forces me to once again admire Ridley Scott – for what he does best.

Eight: 2 days in Paris


Julie Delpy had indeed come a long way. Though I’d never dare to question her capability to act (even for a millisecond), she surely has made her mark in world cinema as a very promising director and writer! A brilliantly imagined story with absolutely realistic star cast and characters, Two days in Paris was indeed a treat to the senses. I laughed my heart out, I went emotional and more than anything this movie also got me thinking about relationships. How I wished that I would assist Julie in those beautiful French locales – creating and developing. Superb movie, a must watch.

Seven: Aamir


Aamir is one of those films that would go down in history as one of the lesser noticed, intelligently captured reality on the big screen. Its got a superb script, tight story line, wonderful musical score (ek lau iss thara still haunts me whenever I see my Mumbai being torn apart by dangerous forces) and above all a demanding director. Kudos to Rajkumar Gupta and Rajeev Khandelwal.

Six: The edge of heaven


When was the last time you saw yourself comfortably sitting in your seat in a theatre, even when the end credits threatened to disappear! I found myself doing the same, when I saw ‘The edge of heaven’. I think Fatih Akin’s movie truly deserve awards and loads of it. Above everything else, the movie brilliantly captures emotions like loneliness, meaninglessness, confusion and helplessness. Still it evokes hope, maturity and heart-warmth. Its portrayal of complex characters (how on earth could you write a story on a German Professor, a prostitute, a retired widower and a political activist!) by a talented cast is truly amazing!

Five: A Wednesday


After 26/11, every concerned citizen of Mumbai must have thought, atleast once, to exactly redo the act of the protagonist superbly portrayed by Naseeruddin Shah. A must watch for everyone. It doesn’t over emphasize anything. It doesn’t underestimate anybody. Powerful cinema!

Four: Three Monkeys


To call it a visual treat would be an improper statement. But to call it a visual treatise would be an apt statement. Three monkeys (Uc maymun) is an engaging, subtle and complex drama that is not successful in uncovering the various layers in the characters, but also does absolute justice to its story. Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s HD camerawork is just astounding! The actors are also great!

Three: Sangre de mi sangre a.k.a Pedro Nuestro in India


Pedro Nuestro is dark, raw and intense. Strictly recommended for hardcore movie buffs and those who love to see life with rose tinted glasses, beware! While I was actually impressed by the scriptwriter’s ability to thrill me with the climax, even though the story has enough twists and turns to keep you glued to your seats – Christopher Zalla’s take on the life of immigrants in an upscale city like New York is truly amazing. Though the movie is completely set in New York and one can sense the soul of the city throughout the film, the director never even once, shows you the typical New York skyline! Wonderful cinema!

Two: Kung Fu Panda


The only reason Kung Fu Panda finds a place above all the rest is because of this – it tries to tell a complex truth in the most simplest manner! (And to a certain extent one could even look at it from a philosophical or metaphysical point of view!) Simple story, great animation, a meritorious script (including the teasers and one liners) and above everything else – a wonderful moral. Cheers to the fat panda and all the people behind it!!

One: The Dark Knight


From the very first scene of the movie till the last frame, there is nothing and absolutely nothing – but perfection – oozing out of every single take!! Its probably the greatest comic book adaptation. And I doubt if there will be something like this, at least for a few years. Christopher Nolan (the man who gave us ‘Memento’), I bow down before you!! And I don’t intend to write anything more on this.

Special Mention

Each of the following films just fell short of that little something to make it on my top ten list. Due to popular demands and threatening calls, they have been added and I must confess that all of these films were really really enjoyable!



While the world was drooling and worshipping the makers of Matrix, our man –Timur Bekmambetov – was busy making and ideating a lesser known, much complex and thrilling works (in some remote uncivilized corner of Russia)!! I saw Night Watch after seeing Wanted and his movies are an ‘experience’!!

In Bruges


An intelligent plot, a superb cast and a lovely setting. I can call this as the beautiful gangster flick! Loved watching it.

Kadha Parayumbol


Kudos to Sreenivasan for coming up with such heart warming stories. Wonderful cinema, wonderful acting. I wont be surprised if there is another idiotic bollywood remake of the same story.


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