Finally…. the drinks have stopped flowing, the music has stopped playing, the snow has stopped falling while the party seems to be over; and slowly, half-heartedly people have begun resuming their ordinary lives. Looking back, what a hell of a year 2008 was! Though it started with a big bang, it almost ended with a nervous silent smirk. It was a year filled with uncertainty, extreme ups and downs and unknown surprises. Banks went bust, people were on the streets, stocks crashed and recovered, jobs went and came, nations declared war, terrorism casted its ugly shadow once again, history was created when a black man was voted as the president of America, the corporate world went gung-ho about innovations, deals went awry and a majority of the crisis-affected souls are still recovering slowly.

On a personal front, this was one of the most challenging years for me. There were things to do and things to prove. And though I’m grateful to a hell lot of people and the higher energies – I’m still hoping that I get strengthened and nourished to look at the face of life, even in the most trying times. Infact, (like I’ve shared before) I’m just overwhelmed by the capacity of people to keep pushing the boundaries no matter what happens to them. I guess, one always emerges stronger while facing the worst of crisis. How true it is (whoever said it) – “Sometimes it takes a crisis to bring out the real self”!

Dear life, I’m happy that I’m still able to keep those promises! Cheers 😉

(Below image shows a Palestinian man helping a wounded woman in Rafah,  Gaza Strip on 31st December 2008 while a couple kisses in Times Square, New York as they celebrate the new year. What a world we’ve built for ourselves!)



~ by rb on January 3, 2009.

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