It’s all in the numbers!

I never knew who Daniel Franklin was. Now that I know who he is and what he does, his one quote in The Economist made me really happy. Whether the world chooses to ignore it or already presumes that it’s nothing new, it surely made me think for a while. Alrite, without hyping it further, let me get to the point (or the quote rather). “The shift in power to places such as Brazil, Russia, India and China will quicken. These countries will expect a bigger say in how the world is run”.

Just like a little child who would love to hear again and again from his grandpa, how the fairy finally killed the witch, I read this quote repeatedly. And I think, finally the time has come when not only a few nationalistic unions, business conglomerates and a few opinion makers are openly admitting to the “greater shift”, the world at large has started acknowledging the same. Yes, there are issues in the BRIC economies. And those issues are very much real. Maybe that’s the very reason that propels these economies to greater levels of growth.

Interestingly, following are the predictions for the growth of GDP in 2009. I’m keying in just ten of them:

1.) United States : -0.2%

2.) United Kingdom: -1.0%

3.) France: -0.1%

4.) Switzerland: 0%

5.Brazil: 2.7%

6.) Australia: 1.6%

7.) Russia: 4.0%

8.) China:  8.0%

9.) Japan: 0%

10.) India: 6.5%

Will these predictions stand the test of time? Nobody knows. But it surely indicates something.

Cheers 😀


~ by rb on January 17, 2009.

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