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While I have always wondered about the different kinds of souls that lay masked beneath the wonderful veil of their own individual blogs, I never thought that I’ll be able to meet a few of them – that too in a forum for bloggers! Forum for bloggeres? You must be mad! That’s what I thought when I accidentally bumped into a fellow tweeple’s tweet. Hurriedly exchanged tweets and googling finally took me to the official website and to my dismay, the registrations were already closed! Called a few people, spoke to them (the usual hey-dude-c’mon-man) and finally was assured that I may get an entry, provided I reach on time!

For some motivation, I called up a fellow blogger just to check whetther he could accompany me. His initial response was enthusiastic, but everyone succumbs to “family duties”, especially on a weekend. Can’t blame him, as I’ve been on that side too.

So Saturday morning, saw me packing up my laptop and heading towards the Microsoft office – even though the watchmen and the dogs curiously observed my strange act. (They’ve always seen me in my shorts, especially on Saturdays)

After convincing the security guards at the entrance that I had indeed speken to the organizers (coz my name wasn’t mentioned in the registration list), I finally walked into the conference hall of Microsoft. Though I was surprised to see only a few people, it kept on growing as the session began. “Cool…Nice..”, I thought to myself!

After the initial rounds of introductions and a few smiles and waves, it finally got started. For those who’ve never heard of Blog Camps, these are forums where bloggers meet at one place and then they just share ideas, experiences and doubts. In one sense, its more of an unconference. Nothing is decided, bloggers can randomly come and speak on any topic – later on they discuss and share ideas’n’opinions on the same.

The session started with ‘Aham’. He spoke about blogging with a heart. Some of his ideas were really inspiring as it was not ‘merely’ ideas. He had experimented with them before. He spoke with lot of concern and heart.

While we’d got a little too serious about blogging with Aham, the indisputable ‘Thakkar’ came to our rescue with truckloads of wit and sarcasm. I must confess that at one point I almost saw myself falling of the chair. He was simply adorable and his experiences will continue to occupy 1.37% of my brain – atleast for a week!

After Thakkar, came Arcopolo – the journalist. His was an interactive session on “Blogging vs the traditional media”. Some interesting insights and connotations came out of his session. As an observer, I got a real feel of how traditional media is in danger of extinction in the near future.

Then we ate pizzas for lunch and immediately after lunch to my surprise, it was my turn to take a session, though I had stuck my post-it to a different time slot. Without any preparation I spoke on “Reflections on blogging” – how as a blogger I’m in access of so much information. As a result how traditional notions of knowledge and truth were being challenged or perhaps erased forever – thus changing the existing structures of power. I wanted to keep it very short and luckily I did manage to finish it within the given time frame. I was also pleasantly surprised when a few came and told me how my thoughts were completely ‘out-of-the-box’ and was the best, etc..etc. I dont intend to give more details on what I presented as I intend to write a proper article on it. The topic shows real potential.

Then came IdeaSmith and she went on to deal with “Identity Issues in the Blogosphere” along with her experiences. I thought it was a great session as she spoke with her “soul”. And Iย  simple love it when people speak genuinely, without any masks or hidden agendas. She was also funny and smart. To my surprise she turned to be an urban-spirited-feminist.

After IdeaSmith, Neeraj (skyn3t) took an enlightening session on “Identity theft, Anonymous blogging and Free Speech”. Though it was a little techie-techie, it was very useful. While I looked around to see all enthusiastic techies responding and interacting with Neeraj, I found a little-lost-like-me soul, Payal. (Damn! I hope this was her name. I’m really bad with names). I thought she was cute ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then came the Microsoft Man – Hardik. And he really sold Windows Live Writer to us. I’ve already got it installed. It’s really nice and while it respects our freedom, it also comes free! Hardik was good!

Then spoke Priyanka…on “Blogging for money and other techniques on how to popularize one’s blog”. She was straight forward and promoted inkfruit. Sshhhh promotions are strictly prohibited here. In between Dinesh spoke on a lot of things. That was interesting too!

Overall it was a Saturday well spent. It ended with a photo session and the usual socializing.

A big ‘Thank you hug’ to Hardik, Moksh, Netra and Sampad. Next time you need any sponsors, please contact me.

A bigger ‘Thank you hug’ to Microsoft and Ibibo. The event would have been incomplete without you’ll.

Looking forward to the next one!

P.S: It was also great meeting all of you guys who listened, debated, discussed, and socialized patiently and wonderfully!


~ by rb on January 18, 2009.

7 Responses to “Blog C@mp Mumbai > 17.01.09”

  1. I really enjoyed your session too! ‘Reflections’ was introspective and thought-provoking…and FUN! It was wonderful meeting you too.

  2. you forgot to mention the session on “Pappu can’t blog Saala”

  3. IdeaSmith… thanks once again yaar! It was great meeting you too! And I’ve already expressed how I felt about your session! Be in touch and do keep me posted on any all the developments regarding BLCM and BCM.

  4. Hey Dinesh…..oops I goofed up. Sorry man, will correct it. “Pappu cant blog saala” was after Arcopolo’s session, rite?

  5. yup.. it was the session just before pizza.. probably its the smell of pizzas that made everyone forget that session..

  6. Well I promoted a lot of other brands along with Inkfruit ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway I had a great time in the blog camp too!

  7. Thanks Priyanka! Everybody had a good time!

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