My first dose of paragliding!


Take#1 – “Are you mad?”

Take#2 – “I know you are crazy, but craziness has its own limits”

Take#3 – “You’re joking right?”

Take#4 – “Have you got an insurance? Why don’t you give that money to your mom?”

Take#5 – “Wow…love you dude! Go do it!”

These are the exact reactions of my beloved droogs and devotchkas when I informed them about my decision to go paragliding. While most of them just ditched the entire thought in its first utterance, few encouraged. From planting dangerous thoughts in my head to calling up every day to check whether I’m alive or dead – I realized friends come in all kinds of variations. And at the end of the day, no matter how many the differences they still love you – that’s the beauty of friendship!

And peoples…how great I feel after I’ve literally flown in the sky! There are always these little aspirations that one nurtures in one’s mind during  childhood. I don’t exactly recollect when, but somewhere deep within I had always wanted to fly! And it took me all this long to make that a reality.

When I flew in the sky, it was just pure bliss. My soul hadn’t experienced anything as thrilling and as breathtaking as flying. My body reacted to this sheer state of excitement in shiver. As the wind caressed me, a rush of adrenaline kept me spellbound. I could see the horizon, the sun, the tiny buffaloes & sheeps and the strokes of greenery of the trees. In one word, I was just ‘speechless’. And it’s indeed a wonder to realize how in spite of such tremendous advancement of our human race, we are still at a loss of words to describe the best of experiences!

In a different way, I also wanted to challenge myself. And this entire act has just taught me so many things about myself. If one has got the guts, I highly recommend paragliding to everyone! Of course it’s not for the weak hearted but if you like challenges, adventure and want to literally see yourself in bigger heights – this is the thing for you!

I just loved it and I’m already para-ddicted!


~ by rb on January 26, 2009.

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