Coup-de-maître (Part three)


While the world is going gung-ho over ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, little do they talk about the capabilities of Danny Boyle to intensely portray the subject of a drug addict, in his movie Trainspotting. While this movie is blamed for creating a ‘reverse psychology’ phenomenon, it surely stands as a must watch for any movie buff. From the characterization to the weird angles and effects – Danny Boyle will always be remembered for this one film.


Agreed that Noah Baumbach keeps a low profile. But this work of his surely speaks a million emotions. His beautiful yet realistic take on marriage and divorce in this post-modern age is truly remarkable. The best part about this film is that it doesn’t waste its time in blaming any particular person/society for what we have created for ourselves. It rather forces us to do some soul searching. Laura Linney has given one of her best performances. I still cant forget that scene where she controls her emotions when her husband (Jeff Daniels) knocks at the door and they have a little conversation about his dad. Brilliant stuff. Great characters. Good performances.


This movie reminds me of this friend of mine who keeps on analyzing each and everything in her life – from men, relationships, her own self, parents, ambitions, etc – but often ends up doing nothing about it! Part of Eric Rohmer’s Comedies and Proverbs series, this was my first viewing of the same. He is really brilliant with his script and articulation of thoughts. Though it tends to become a little dialogue-heavy, its certainly worth it.


Enough has said about this movie. In one word – Awesome! Join me in bowing before Quentin Tarantino. Did anybody know that he always fixes his soundtrack first as he develops the story? One helluva passionate film maker!


This movie is a personal favourite and it really succeeds in portraying the psyche of a complex woman who has many issues burning beneath that beautiful smile! A strong subject and complex characters makes it a little slow in between, but it surely is rewarding at the end.


I’ve no words in describing how ahead of its time and brilliant is this movie! A masterpiece by Sidney Lumet. His brutal take on the television and media industry is a must watch for everybody. What fascinated me the most was some of his thoughts were so similar to that of Drucker! An absolute must for any cinema lover!


This movie is an intense and honest look at the nature of violence itself. Viggo Mortensen along with the lesser known Maria Bello gives an amazing performance. David Cronenberg remains one of my all time favorite directors. He exudes an aura of absolute honesty into whatever he does. I just love that!


Never has any movie managed to touch my heart so much as this one. Especially the climax of this movie is just so amazing. This one by Giuseppe Tornatore is truly majestic. His portrayal of changing times, relationships and notions are just awesome. This is an absolute must for any cinema lover. I think it is also one of the most brilliant stories ever told on the silver screen.


Stanley Kubrick is the king of experimentation and the best part is he seldom fails! This disturbing and brilliant adaptation of the novel by the same name is an epic case study in many aspects – the problem of evil, societal rules and regulations, freewill, etc. I think Stanley Kubrick was one of the few directors who could transform anything into the video format, no matter how complex or heavy the subject matter would be. A must view for any movie buff.


Again, enough has been said about this great piece of work. I love Fellini and I love his Italy. A masterpiece!! This film is so fluid…it just goes on and on and on. Yet you don’t get bored. Amazing stuff.


~ by rb on February 9, 2009.

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