Chaos Theory


Smokey feelings, Color blindness

Ambitious benchmarks, Stark contradictions

Bottlenecked emotions, Blowing in the wind

Callous worships, Visions of leaders – all sour and blind

Angst of bourgeoisie, Agenda of the extremists

Mellowed sparks, Formations of various outfits

Failed systems, Flawed ideologies

Breaking news, Secret orgies

Heap of dust, Jammed nostrils

Open relationships, Extravagant bills

Ladies and gentlemen, Lesbians and gays

Sleepless in Mumbai, Dreaming in the day

Fish fingers and pork chops, Lasagne and the biryani pot

“Oh, I’m so complicated syndrome”, Women on top

Tweet-ups and break ups, Seemingly aimless minds

A gram of wishful thinking, You are my lucky find

Music and caffeine, Caffeine and music

Spiraling dollar and the urbane chick

In and out, slow-now-fast, Burning sex drive

Walk the talk and Illegal 172 km/hr @ marine drive

Smelly armpits, Sweaty shirt

Gimme some space or You’ll get hurt!


~ by rb on February 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “Chaos Theory”

  1. I think you are a poet. I find this poem to be alluring and abstract

  2. Wow..I’ll take that as a compliment! Thanks

  3. wow! simply wow. nothing sums up the chaos of life like this poem! aweeesome!

  4. Thaank u, Thaank u! Life is indeed chaotic (at times) and while I was going through those chaotic moments, these words were flowing like water in my mind!!

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