the reader


you don’t even allow me

to narrate to you

the real story, we

make as individuals

and the sparks, we secretly brew.


speaking with your eyes


your mouth and suffice

the hunger of this

illiterate silence.

if only time could be our friend

and could stand still

none to care for and offend

just the sweet space that fills

our bodies

and souls.

who would have known

at the break of dawn

you’ll be gone

leaving me alone

and disowned?

i still carry the burden

of you; deep within my heart

and i wish i could plant

it on a sacred space

in your remembrance – your little grant.

thought of narrating

our passion and laughter

to my little daughter

pages of longings and sins

secrets, morality and all of them

my first lines of poetry, while you swam

forever yours

Reader i am.


~ by rb on March 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “the reader”

  1. wow, it rhymes 🙂

  2. awesome! it captures the ethos of the movie…

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