It’s 11:15pm on a Monday evening and I’m heading back home after a hectic day at work. While I was supposed to blog about an entirely different subject; confusion has occurred in my puny little brain and suddenly it just refuses to take a decision. That’s when the ego took charge and decided to teach my brain a little lesson by actually forcing me to write about the indecisive state I am in right now! I tried seeking help from my mind but it seems to be pre-occupied with a lot of other important things like dinner, downloads & the theory of diminishing marginal utility. So I guess I’m kinds lonely right now and technically I have been hijacked by my own ego… Yes…Yess! It’s possible and its happening to me…right now! Do you realize it? Yes? No? What? Say something!!! Arrggghh!

Wait a minute…have I really crossed the boundaries of meaningful existence and rational thinking?


~ by rb on April 13, 2009.

One Response to “Blank!”

  1. No I think you have now realized that in what state you are which is very good becoz many a times we are so confused or with so many things in our head that we don’t even realize in what situation we are. Self realization is some thing very difficult.

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