P stands near the balcony everyday. She seductively smokes her poison. Quite passionately for a woman; who may or may not find herself compromising for anyone’s sake. Forget knocking on someone else’s door! She stares, she talks and indulges in rare outbursts of fake laughter. Wonder why does she do the latter? Maybe it just establishes her superiority over the sissy Adams that surround her. And boy, it’s indeed a sight to see her blend in black! She’s definitely made of those dreams of the virgin mind.

She’s ambitious, she’s flirtatious and she’s losing her charm. She is 34.

S is stuck in a marriage that promises to rot. Though he’s never been that kind of a man whom I’d like to see cry; I somehow feel happy for him! Did he deserve it? No. Should he have been living a better life? Can’t say. But at least marriage has taught him so much! The only motivating factor in his life is his daughter. He looks forward to the weekends where he could spend some time with his daughter and his dog, Brutus – (who in many ways feels terribly bored and ignored these days!) He travels around the globe making new deals but hasn’t found the one thing he likes doing the most in his life. Yet.

He’s complacent, he’s lost and he’s a great dad. He is 34.

Y always complains. Whether it’s her kids, the weather, the traffic or even her husband – they all have their names etched in her never ending complaint list. She always feels that she is the victim of every tragedy that has ever taken place on the face of this planet. She has a passion for gardening and actively collects little pieces of information that would help one cultivate ‘that perfect garden’. But the irony of life is that she doesn’t have a garden of her own. Though she dreams of owning one very soon. I somehow always find her in the act of waiting. Waiting for the bus, kids, husband, security guard, and of course – her garden. Wonder whether life is really hard on her or does she reach a particular place/event/destination too early?

She’s adventurous, creative and highly sentimental. Sad but true, she is 34 too.


~ by rb on April 14, 2009.

5 Responses to “34”

  1. Are you trying to say that you don’t want to be in the situation mentioned when you are 34.

  2. u know its nothing to do with 34…ppl, at 25 r tht way too.. ppl at 50 r tht way too…who ever these ppl are they stil hav a life…i wonder why they havent chosen to break d walls build by themselves n live breathe the way they wish to..if the marraiage isnt workin…get out of it…wht r u givin tht girl??the daughter…a set of parents who hardly communicate …or even if they do they quarrel…

    why is d lady at 34 losing her charm…she has so many things to look foward too,…she can stil hav a family…can make wonderful frnds…

    irrespective of the age…its a mind game…let your self free at 24 34 or 44

  3. hmmm….very true!!!

  4. Hey RB. The blog is so good. You are just killing my time in office :P. I just cant resist reading it.

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