My ‘sad but true’ love story

The After Effect

It was a dream. It was what I always wanted in a phone. And arguably it was the best!!

Its been 48hrs since I’ve seen my iPhone and I must admit that I’m going crazy as I write this. It seems like a very important part of my body is suddenly not in existence. And this is really weird – considering that I’ve never felt such a strong feeling towards any inanimate object!! Damn…how I hate to tell the sad story

The Story

It all began on a happy late night friday evening when I was (as usual) chilling out with a few friends. I wanted to tweet something funny I came across and suddenly my iPhone screen decided to disobey me. Instead of showing me the sexy looking interface it has with all those icons of various happy looking apps, it just went scrrrrrriiiiiiiisssshhh….blllliiiiirrrrsssshhh and started flickering. Like every other hardcore iPhone fan, I ignored it. But then it happened again and again and again. To my dismay I started living with this abnormality in my life and started to hide my iPhone in front of my peers. But then one fine day – it became worse. I just couldnt access any of my app coz the screen was constantly flickering. It took two long minutes for it to settle down!! (And 168000 results on Google for “iphone+screen+flicker really didnt help!)

Rationality raised its first set of questions and I called up the Apple India helpline. They told me very politely that they have handed over the rights to sell as well as the rights of maintenance to the service providers. In this case – Vodafone. I called up Vodafone and as always was disappointed with the lack of knowledge their customer service executives had with regard to the iPhone and its problems. It took me 3 calls just to get a perspective in what kinda mess I am.

The Mess

I bought my iPhone from Croma. Becoz Vodafone was “out of stock” on iPhone when I wanted to purchase it. On their suggestion and (some research) I decided to buy it from Croma. Now technically Croma provides for the warranty. But they just act as an intermediary between me and Vodafone as Apple doesnt look into such issues in India. It took me 25 minutes to explain the problem to the Croma sales executive. And they werent co-operative. Ironically they had a poster in their office which loudly shouted “The customer should tell their problem only once!” (Whatever they intend!!!)

The present

And finally after producing the original bill – they take my iPhone and tell me (a) It will take 15 to 20 days for it to be repaired (b) They can’t gurantee whether this problem will be repaired. Which basically leaves this irritated-restless-pissed-off-piece-of-flesh just more irritated-restless-pissed-off….

P.S. : iPhone – I still love thee! Come back soon!


~ by rb on May 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “My ‘sad but true’ love story”

  1. Ah! the classic iPhone rant! Shift to reliable,trustworthy Nokia now! 😛

  2. Didn’t u see the last line? I still love the iPhone!! 😉

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