Coup-de-maître (Part four)

annie hall

Not many of us know that Annie Hall was actually named after Diane Keaton’s orginal name – Diane Hall. She changed it to Diane Keaton – which is her mother’s maiden name – because there was an actress already in the industry at that point in time with the same name. A classic movie – with a great starting sequence, this movie is surely one of Woddy Allen’s best piece of work. Its dense, rich story telling provides the audience with ample occasions for reflections. I loved this movie for its sheer simplicity and honesty! Great watch!


A brilliant story about relationships, ambitions, opportunities and destiny. From the first frame to the last, Woody manages to capture the attention of the audience. Good acting, great story and superb casting makes this another brilliant film.

vickycristinabarcelonaI remember watching this film without much expectations. And yes, this movie managed to surprise me. This movie is a classic example of beautiful people, beautiful locations and a beautiful story. Woody’s characters are so much real and complicated! Yet their backgrounds and desires are so simple! Woody surely has something for Scarlett Johansson and it must be said that he really knows how to capture her “completely” in his films. I’ve also read that Woody gives a lot of freedom to his actors while shooting – leaving room for improvement. And it surely shows. If you are looking out for a light-hearted movie about romance, friendships and relationships – this should be your choice!

elegyFor starters, I feel really happy when I see great actors like Ben Kingsley in business. Especially when they are not casted in those typical roles of an old man / father / uncle, etc. This movie is really profound as it beautifully captures the state of a scholar (who happpens to be a professor) falling in love with his student. I’m also equally surprised to see a woman profoundly capturing the male ego in its most difficult of times! Isabel Coixet is too good. I can never forget the shot of Ben Kingsley’s character  genuinely admiring Consuela’s (Penelope) body and the realistic maner in which they interact. Poetic stuff!!

cassandrasdreamI found this Woody Allen film very similar to Matchpoint. The only extra angle to this was: family. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching this movie – again for its story telling. Could easily identify with it. Also once again a rare piece of great casting.

mariafullofgraceA great piece of work!! Another angle to the great Columbian drug tale. And thankfully its not in Hollywood style. In many ways this movie portrays the extent to which humans could go as they push the limits – only to wake up in the other side of reality! Catalina Sandino Moreno makes sure that she doesnt overact. I liked her strong sense of confidence captured in this movie. A must watch!

parisjet'aimeFor many reasons I thought this movie was simply over-hyped! But then credit should be given to its idea and a multitude of people coming together to make a film on a particular theme. And it also gives us an opportunity to see the various shades of Paris. My favorites were Faubourg Saint-Denis (Xe arrondissement) directed by Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run fame) as I thought it was very poetic, Quartier de la Madeleine (VIIIe arrondissement) by Vincenzo Natali for its sheer brilliance and Pigalle (IXe arrondissement) by Richard LaGravenese for its authenticity! If you like Paris, this is a must watch.

TheLivesofOthersI havent seen much of Florian Henckel con Donnersmarck’s work. But after watching ‘The Lives of Others’ (Das Leben der Anderen) I’m convinced that this man has a great potential to make it really big! His cinematic excellence, depth of story telling, screenplay is just outstanding. Another firecracker on the lives of people belonging to East Berlin in an unimaginable time and age! Masterpiece, I say!


It wont be a difficult task to grasp the essence of this movie in one word – simplicity. Simple story, simple lives. These kind of movies stand in stark contrast to the belief that one needs to have special effects, crazy camera angles, heavy duty cast and a well known production house funding a movie – just to make sure that it’s a success. These kinda movies are such a relief to watch and kudos to Israeli film maker Eran Kolirin for such a wonderful debut. Love his keen eye for simplicity when complexity is the order of the day.

recMy long thirst for intelligent horror was quenched by REC. Try to be alone at home, switch off the lights, turn on the volume and all the best!


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