sleep thinking

2.30am. sleepless and having chocolates.weird. and my brain has already started thinking. i said, “wow” 12 times today and it definitely shows the way life is leading these days. or rather the way im leading life. it’s kind of surreal when you feel your life is taking shape like that of a song. the music keeps playing in your mind and you start searching for words. syllables. sounds. that would add some sort of meaning to the music. and sometimes one just gets lucky. you find the perfect words for that perfect note. it all fits in systematically. as if some master conductor is in control of your own song. the pace in which you move and the probability of better happenings compels you to lazily abandon the controls to the master conductor. and sometimes you wonder how similar this master conductor is to your own alter ego! allegoric sentences try to meander into your expressions. but then its fine. you are in the mood for experiments. and chances are that it may succeed. or fail. but you would like to believe that it would succeed. you hope. you pray. you just… try to believe.

most importantlly. you don’t want to wake up. at least not now.

maybe never.


~ by rb on October 17, 2009.

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