Canvas of self expressions – Nine

eEI think most women are perfectly gorgeous and beautiful the way they are…”

Stop fixing your bodies and start fixing the world”


~ by rb on November 7, 2009.

5 Responses to “Canvas of self expressions – Nine”

  1. As great as that sounds rb, I guess it also depends on whether men would appreciate a plain woman, when a more bedecked version is available. Not you, I know you like simple-looking women from the Serendipity post of yours 🙂
    Stumbled upon your blog by the way and it’s the lone blog I keep coming back to these days. Great writing!

  2. Hey thanks Ananda! To put in one word, I think it would be ‘conditioning’. I feel there is something terribly wrong in the way we have been ‘conditioned’…we have been conditioned to appreciate the artificial, but not the raw beauty of things.. we have been conditioned to believe that bedecked versions are more appealing than the simple ones.. the challenge lies in questioning what we have been conditioned to believe in!

    Many thanks for your comments! 🙂

  3. Yes, conditioning is the right word. Movies might play a role in this. Not many movies have simple-looking women like say, Nandita Das(I think she’s absolutely gorgeous by the way). Our men’s minds are corrupted by the movie folks. Darn the industry!

    • Very very true!I think its not just the movies, but also the “post-colonial hangover”… Btw, do u have a blog?

  4. I blame pop culture… And i blame Kareena Kapoor

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