Only poets can save this world


The dictionary can define it mechanically and can gleefully sandwich it between ‘poet laureate’ and ‘po-faced’ (Oxford Dictionary 7th edition does). People can dismiss it as wayward texts written by casual thinkers and psuedo intellectuals under heavy influence of illegal substances. Illegal? Reality is that in this world no permission is asked, none given. Which makes a whole lotta things completely illegal. Both you and me.

And at times, poetry acts as the only antidote that has the potential to supply both peace and common sense mashed together between laws of grammar (mostly poor grammar) and challenge an individual to think differently by demolishing the pillars of a mundane existence. Like mine. And yours.

If you are a poet, you would have noticed that poetry occurs only when you distance yourself from the object. Its only when the poet looks at the object with the lens of distance – sparks of a different thought stream occurs. And when you garnish these thoughts with words and form… voila! Magic happens!

I personally think that poetry succeeds where science, metaphysics, theology, philosophy and theosophy begins to fail. Hence poetry is often found in places you least expect it to – letters, walls, diaries, revolts, movements and even schools! To address a more relevant and local issue – I also think that poetry is dying a quick death. Especially English poetry in India. It’s a rare breed and I would be really happy to associate myself with any movement that seeks to preserve it.  But lets leave that to the poets. They have always taken care of themselves in the history of our little civilization.

Starting today, I would be posting poems of poets that are close to my heart in a new category aptly titled ‘Only poets can save this world’.

Would like to begin by quoting Cézanne, “Rien n’est beau que le vrai, le vrai seul est aimable”


~ by rb on April 4, 2010.

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