Goafest on Twitter

Honestly, its great to see the coverage Goafest has got. Not on the newspapers or television.. but on social media. I personally think it was this year (Goafest 2010) both noobs and think-tanks of the communication industry made it a point to talk about the fest.. especially on mediums like Twitter. Overall there were more than 1400 tweets which contained #goafest and about 100+ of these tweets are not more than 48 hrs old. Which means most of these 100+ tweets occurred after the fest. This clearly shows that a basic sense of using Twitter amidst the professionals  of the communication industry in India  has already occurred. I wont be taking names, but I can see a few old hands of the industry making it a point to use this medium.

I have been personally following the buzz about Goafest on Twitter and the surge in #goafest happened only on the second day when social media discussion was about to happen. And most of the tweets were coming from social media enthusiasts (not necessarily experts). Thanks to the late buzz created by Kiruba, Gaurav and Vishal who were on the panel. Even Campaign India covered the fest in a ‘socially visible manner’.

Having observed the social media scene for a while, I always see a huge gap between internet savvy social media marketers and professionals from the traditional advertising agencies who struggle to understand the medium. If they can’t understand, they can’t even talk about the medium. Forget selling / mastering it. So in many ways Goafest was a good meeting point where we could actually have a conversation with many folks who consider themselves the masters of the traditional medium.

So what is the point?

Conversations have happened. Usage is increasing. Issues and concerns still remain. Will we see some action in this space in the near future? Only time will tell.

What do you think?


~ by rb on April 14, 2010.

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