Poem Two: God – by Allen Ginsberg

The 18 year old marine “had made his Peace with God.”

A word. A capitol G. Who is God? I thought I saw him once

and heard his voice, which now sounds like my own,

and I’m not God, so who’s God? Jesus Bible God?

Whose Bible? Old JHVH? The 4 letter one without vowels or the 3 letter

word God? G-O-D?

Allah? Some say Allah’s great, tho’ mock his name you’re dead!

Zoroaster’s Wise One used to be great, & Mormons’ version got

absolute pedigrees & Genealogies

Is Pope’s God same as Southern Baptist Inerrancy televangelists?

How’s that square with the Ayatollah’s Allah, Billy Graham Nixon’s on

his knees, Ronal Reagan’s Armageddon deity?

What of Lubavitcher Rabbi’s God refusing land for peace exchange?

Is Yassir Arafat’s God same as Shamir’s? What about Magna Mater?

What happened to Aphrodite, Hecate, Diana many breasted at Ephesus,

round bottom’d Willendorf Venus older than Jahweh & Allah &

Zoroaster’s dream!

older than Confucious, Lao Tzu, Buddha & the 39 patriarchs.

Is any God real? Is there one God? How come so many Gods –

Fighting eachother, poor Mayans, Aztecs, Peruvian sun worshippers?

Hopi peyoti deamers round the half moon fire.

Am I God after all, made the universe, we dreamed it up together

or got tumbled out of the Chute onto Planet, looking for progenitors?

I know I’m not God, are you? Don’t be silly.

God? God? Everybody’s God? Don’t be silly.

– Allen Ginsberg


~ by rb on May 17, 2010.

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