such is life

the afternoon sun isn’t willing to forgive

the dust refuses to die

the one-eyed beggar doesn’t have a place to live

and people have forgotten to ask – why?

monks are rapists

businessmen are sexists

leaders are failed economists

communists have loosened their fists

the bitch gives birth in the middle of the street

the jolly good old man has long gone

did i just pass by a jesus freak?

another dog is born

never felt like giving another try

never saw a rock star cry

never heard of a perfect good-bye

never learnt to wear a tie

sometimes I take pity on god

imagine his guilt when he meets you and me

all squared with sins, tonic and cod

flesh and breath of a lesser degree

and while the mothers are praying

and the preachers are grumbling

my own crude nights have stopped mourning

yours truly, is living


~ by rb on May 26, 2010.

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