Ladakh trip Day 3: 12th July – (Another day spent at Solang)

Today we are supposed to leave for Jispa. But we are told by Bhupinder (our hotel manager) that the road towards Jispa is not functional due to some environmental hazard. On closer inspection we realize that the non-functional road is the good old Rohtang Pass. The unpredictable nature of Rohtang Pass is a known fact to travellers. We have no other option but to wait. We really don’t know how long. And Bhupinder seems to be a little uncertain about our trip. I must mention that Bhupinder was always able to help us with apt information about the status of the Pass. We urban junkies are always taught to doubt any kind of information that comes our way, because nothing is safe.. nothing is trustworthy. But in situations like these we really don’t have a choice. It seemed like Bhupinder held the keys to the doors of Rohtang Pass; and most importantly our trip! So in Bhupinder we trust and since we had already roamed around Solang doing all the things that interested us we decided to keep things simple. Very simple.

We decide to laze around the valley and explore it on our own terms. We venture into the woods (not in the technical terms), admire the wild flowers and try to converse with the bees and flies. We manage to successfully disconnect ourselves from the sparse human population around us and stopped our exploration till we reached another stream. I comfortably place myself on top of a smooth big rock in order to do the thing I always wanted to do. Stare at the clouds. Just stare at the clouds.

We managed to spend most of the day here and returned to the hotel in the evening. We even find an abandoned football – which reminded me to check the news regarding the world cup. After we reach the hotel, I could see a slight hint of optimism in Bhupinder’s voice. He tells us to be ready by 6am tomorrow in order to leave for Jispa as Rohtang Pass was open for a while in the evening. With hope we pack and get ready. I manage to see the highlights of the match. Spain wins the cup. Andres Iniesta was the man, not David Villa.


~ by rb on July 26, 2010.

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