You are a man. You should be serious.

You are a man. You better be serious.

Coz how serious you are about things

Determines the seriousness of your life.

But seriousness doesn’t really promise

To take you places

Coz even seriousness can’t be serious

About itself,

All the time.

But you, my man, be serious.

If possible cut out a serious tape about


And play it in a series. Constantly.

Look at it seriously. And you will


A series of seriousness.

Wear this seriousness on your sleeve.

How dare you pretend to be serious?

Pretentious seriousness is the biggest

Enemy of


It mocks the serial pillars of seriousness.

Are you even serious about that mole on

Your face?

If you aren’t, then you better be


Coz it is certainly a serious mole.

Smile seriously. Stand seriously.

Talk seriously. Behave seriously.

If your home isn’t serious, your folks

Better be serious.

Your wife isn’t serious? Your marriage bed

Better be serious.

Your boss isn’t serious? Your job

Better be serious.

Your friends aren’t serious? Your friendships

Better be serious.

Did you look at the serious assaults


The serious threats to humanity?

The serious damage caused to environment?

The serious state of affairs

Economy has gotten into?

The serious priests preach the serious

Gospel in the church.

Forget the priest.

Have you seen a non-serious god?

Look at the struggles of the crow

It takes survival seriously.

If it doesn’t, the crow will be

Seriously left behind.

And no serious man

Wants to be left behind.


Look at the television serials.

Hear the news broadcast.

Read the intellectuals.

Smell the food on your table.

They all are serious.

Now only if you could get


About what the universe is trying to tell you.

Not the world.



~ by rb on September 6, 2010.

4 Responses to “serious”

  1. To know eternal truth is important
    But nobody is serious
    & those who are; wander (also wonder)
    what life they live
    in this non serious world

  2. yes.. that kinda makes sense @ 2am ..thanks B 🙂

  3. I loved this poem. Our English teacher has recommended this movie so as to gain a new perspective towards life. Haven’t watched it yet but now I will 🙂

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