i don’t believe in rankings. forget ratings.

6 years in advertising and you know what a dumb ass statement it is. two quotes sum up the evil business we are in. “you’ve got to find something your client can call their own – a shape, a colour, a design, something that is unique”, said luke sullivan. “we are so busy measuring public opinion, we forget we can mold it. we are so busy listening to statistics that we forget we can create them”, said bernbach. i think it very much captures the struggles, happiness, doubts, confidence, fear and enthusiasm of an ad executive. between the lengths and breadths of getting the thought right, copy checks, last minute ideas, pitch presentations, annual plans, 360 degree strategies, insights and brainstorming sessions – all this leaves you a little burned out. but hey, what the heck? as long as they play the music loud and you get the kicks by creating the next best thing (these next best things are very subjective and arguable in nature); you really don’t mind. the long hours, the crazy work-life balance and the irritated friends just proves the fact that you love your job. and it always comes first. after all, we dont just work for a salary right?

and while you love your job, you often complain about mediocrity. that is, if you are not happy with substandard work. but where is the scope to do kick ass work, you may ask. there is always a limited budget, a dumb client, an irritating boss, a bad team etc. and then boom! the next best thing happens. its not magic. neither is it chance. all your hard work, all your efforts, all your anger and sweat has finally paid off. boom! the next best thing happens again. and again. and again. so much that winning becomes a habit. and deep within you know that you are gearing for bigger things. greater challenges.

this post is my ode to media2win. for all that i unlearned here. for all the madness, good times and whip lashes. for the great team of people working here – from the chairman to the peon. for the passion that keeps us going. and most importantly, keeps me going. according to brand equity agency reckoner 2010, we might be the 4th best digital agency in India. we might even have won a few abbys in the past for awesome creative digital solutions. not scams. in the near future, we might even become the no.1 digital agency in the whole wide world. but hey… does it really matter? as long as you believe in what you do and are also getting paid to have fun, who cares? i anyways don’t believe in rankings. forget ratings.


~ by rb on February 2, 2011.

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  1. love every word of it.

  2. Wow.Thanks Shruti! I’m surprised you liked it 🙂

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