Oscar Predictions 2011

Its that time of the year again! While I have been congratulated in the past for my keen sense of observation and reasoning with regard to predicting the unknown, there have been instances where I have eaten my words. But the fun of predicting the unknown nevertheless has interested me. So without much gyaan and analysis, this is my Oscar predictions for this year – which will take place in a few hours. Eating my own blog posts will be a better experience than eating my own words! This, only time will tell.


Best Director:

My Gut Feel: David Fincher

But my heart wants: Darren Aronofsky


Best Picture:

My Gut Feel: The Social Network

But my heart wants: Inception


Best Actress:

My Gut Feel: Annette Bening

But my heart wants: Natalie Portman


Best Actor:

My Gut Feel: Colin Firth

But my heart wants: Javier Bardem


Best Actress in a supporting role:

My Gut Feel: Melissa Leo

But my heart wants: Hailee Steinfeld


Best Actor in a supporting role:

My Gut Feel: Christian Bale

And my heart wants: Christian Bale


Best Foreign Movie:

My Gut Feel: Biutiful

And my heart wants: Biutiful


Who will win – the gut feel or the heart? Only time will tell.



~ by rb on February 28, 2011.

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