the thumb rule of creativity

my profession demands me to be creative. and over the years I have realized that you can’t teach creativity in a syllabus form to any individual. either you are inherently a creative being or it happens to you over a period of time. thankfully I’m not the latter. (at least I would like to believe so). once again, I happened to stumble upon something interesting over another random conversation with a certain @joylita.I don’t know her and she doesn’t know me. the context of the conversation was ‘design’ and it exposed me to the thumb rule of creativity in a very neat fashion. and it so happened that i actually explained this aspect to a colleague, the day before. while the internet has allowed humans to communicate in ways that seem to be entirely novel; it amazes me to explore these facets to stimulate my own creativity while observing, learning, reading, writing and interacting across a range of platforms, tools and media – from tweeting & communicating in oral form to handwriting and even texting! add to these – creativity fueled and inspired by random objects from mediums like print, TV, radio, film, theatre to online social networks.

enough said. ladies and gentlemen, i proudly present ‘the thumb rule of creativity’.


~ by rb on March 20, 2011.

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