nothing but cricket

this post is dedicated to all the members of the Indian cricket team and all the fans of Indian cricket. its interesting to observe & read about anything and everything related to Indian cricket. intellectuals and pseudo-intellectuals might find hundred reasons to criticize this sport. two hundred ways to cruelly demystify the significance and nationalism associated and evoked by this sport. three hundred flaws in the way this sport has shaped and blinded the opinions and tastes of the citizens of this great Indian sub-continent. the critics might even go to the lengths of exposing the shamans and gods of this sport by questioning their methods, bias, point of views and way of life – all in the hope of killing this national obsession. yes, cricket has been termed as a national obsession. and since the past 20 years ideologies, political parties, brands, media, gurus & analysts have tried their best to milk this obsession for their own benefit. hoping that people will buy the same drink cricketers endorse, the same ceiling fan they say works the best or cast their vote to the same political party they support. some have failed miserably and others haven’t found a good reason yet to support its tall claims – all thanks to cricket and cricketers.

coming to the point. whatever they say or do – cricket has come of age in this country since 1983. i was barely a year old when India won the world cup in 1983. and things have come a long way, till 2nd april 2011. i’m 28 years old. and so is thirst for world domination. i would always like to cherish this day. and some of its moments will be etched in my memory for years to come. maybe even decades. it couldn’t have been scripted so perfectly. each ball, each decision and each shot. truly nerve wracking and stupendous. for the players themselves. and for the 1 billion people cheering them. 1 billion is not an exaggeration. i was witness to it. and to an extent, i can still hear the echoes as the realization dawns on us. we are world champions. and our cricketers have done it for us. for sachin ramesh tendulkar. for themselves.

i’m born in this country. and i have spent 28 yrs of my life living & interacting with its people. till date i have never seen an euphoria and frenzy of this scale. i have only heard of “that moment of independence” narrated to me by my grandparents when India was declared a free and independent nation in 1947. but it was never a moment of jubilant expressions due to the various socio-political tensions the country was going through. neither was the case in 1983 where only a few elite had access to and understood – cricket. 2nd april 2011 was different. i saw women and men of all age coming to the streets in celebration after mahendra singh dhoni hit that six. i saw beggars, politicians and authorities dancing together. i saw a glimpse of modern Indian subculture where girls were giving away hugs for free. i saw youngsters on top of their cars and bikes waving the tricolor in sheer excitement. according to news reports, our citizens bought firecrackers worth crores. bars, restaurants, hotel and pubs were filled with men and women shouting, “India India”. it will be an understatement to say that people belonging to all religion, caste and creed came together in complete harmony to celebrate this victory. i wonder what else could have bought these many Indians on the streets in sheer jubilation? nothing but cricket. and it has carved out such a central piece in modern Indian culture. critics, please eat your words today. its a request.


~ by rb on April 4, 2011.

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