bullshit is beautiful

there is a sacred space in our minds. its a stinky little place. its filled with failures, negative emotions, weird babbles, insults, hurt, backlash, unadulterated pleasures, jealousy, envy, more failures, filth, abandonment, demons, fears, lust, ghosts and a raw reel of this mess called life plays its soundtrack unashamedly. i sometimes take time off from my otherwise perfect life. and swim in this space. i love to swim in this stinky space. sometimes its a waste of time. and the sound of mom plays, “i told you son. don’t do it. i told you”. but thankfully most of the time i discover gems here. gems of insights about myself. the rotting conscious genes of my forefathers. insights about humanity. and the ever seductive temptation to connect with the other side – completely irrational and insane. obscene and unholy. even death metal will melt here. that was put metaphorically. stronger the seduction gets, the definitive alienates itself from reality. and your grip on reality loosens. the lights fade. the noises dumb down. the emotional weight of the situation makes the seconds crawl. is it a physiological sensation? shhh. don’t question. there is no space for reason here. the glory moment happens. like an ejaculation. like an eclipse, the momentary triumph of darkness. pure bliss.

at the bottom of the pit you find yourself. the real you – naked and evil. you think to yourself, “bullshit is beautiful. really”.


~ by rb on May 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “bullshit is beautiful”

  1. Im reallly by your way of portraying emotions. Your blog inspires me to write and pour everything out of that box….emotions trapped inside urging to come out and after reading you they just can’t stop.

    • Thanks Siddharth! I guess we should never write with the intent of pleasing anyone. Expressing yourself is the key 🙂

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