the middle-ground is dead.

the middle-ground is no longer relevant. the middle-ground is dead. and we can’t come together for any common purpose tonight. you may deem me as irrelevant or even extremely opinionated. that’s because we both have exposure to various different things of the same things. our knowledge and perceived understanding of each other has undergone a drastic change. i may like the bird’s overview of a topic. but you prefer the minutest of details – like brush strokes, puffy patches, effect of oxygen on colours like yellow, etc. and at times like these, even the desire to converse is not enough to keep a conversation alive. time is a bitch. we do not have the time to understand the world in slow motion tonight – showing every person who has ever lived as a star, though dimly visible in a night sky, a mystery still unexplored. we have replaced mystery with transparency. and have equated performance and measurability as the ultimate pillars of life. to such an extent that we dismiss a 35 year old just because he has bad breath. there was a time, i am told, men and women used to value one another for their character, rather than their appearance. thus, profiting from their differences to try to understand themselves and each other. and they didn’t even have the internet at that time! their meetings would give birth to ideas, music, portraits, eulogies, maxims, epigrams, poetry which would be discussed with extraordinary passion – for the rule was that the participants had to be agreeable. whereas we, seldom agree. we call ourselves experts. experts of everything. jack-of-all-trades. as a result, a whole lot of middle-ground is lost. we forgot to borrow beliefs and value contradicting world views. we have successfully given multiple, paradoxical & inadequate definitions to life, mind, consciousness, order, complexity, free will, sexuality & autonomy. as a result, the middle-ground is no longer relevant. the middle-ground is dead.


~ by rb on July 24, 2011.

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