never confirm. especially when you firmly believe in your gut, intellect and experience. i always believe in the combination of these three lethal aspects. gut, intellect and experience. no matter what situation you are in. no matter what kind of pressure or hard-time you are forced to serve. make your list of nevers. and always remind yourself that you will never betray your gut, intellect and list of nevers are as follows:

i. never confirm to the pressure of higher education. especially when your dad is not paying for it.

higher education is one of the greatest things to happen to us. India and China alone contribute a huge chunk of students to US universities every year. some people pursue higher studies because other tell them to do it. some people who know what higher education can offer them – both at an individual and professional level – rarely pursue them. lawrence ellison. bill gates. steve jobs. mark zuckerberg. they all knew their game. higher education won’t teach you “your game”. it won’t teach you to make money. at some level we all assume that higher education trains students for a profession. but in reality, what higher education actually does is to reinforce social obedience and norms and forces an individual to confirm to set practices that are followed by many. i call it ‘mass standardization of minds’. never confirm to it unless you have a really strong reason to pursue it.

ii. never confirm to belong to an ‘association’ or an ‘elitist club’ of individuals.

people love to join groups. make groups. they like playing ‘us and them’. at a subconscious level, people form ‘associations’ and ‘clubs’ to protect themselves from harm. it arises out of some innate sense of insecurity or fear. never confirm to these associations or clubs or groups because they always restrict your individual choice and enforce monopolies. monopolies of thought, dreams and ambitions.

iii. never confirm completely to any religious institutions

this world gives you the freedom to study, understand and decipher the mind of god. you could even choose to believe or doubt your god. you may pray, meditate, levitate or practice good karma in your personal life. but never confirm completely to any religious institution believing that it provides answers to your spiritual quest and thus enhances your being by exposing it to the shared experiences of its members. religious institutions always forces its members towards a common belief to increase and assert their own individual power. think thrice before you confirm to any of them.

iv. never trust a business man or woman when he/she tells you that they are here to do good

people start businesses to make profits. it never changes. so never confirm to a single business entity or person when they tell you that they are here to do good and to heal the world. if they really wanted to – they never would have made a business out of it!

v. never confirm to charities

the world thinks that charities exist to help people. but in reality charities exist to sustain themselves. try working with a charity and try not to donate your hard earned monies to them. help individuals and strangers. if you want to give more, stop contributing money. give your time and youth to the needy.

vi. never think that you know everything of everything

downfall begins with arrogance and pride. always tell yourself and the world that you are a fool. you really can’t know about everything. accept failures and successes with a grin. there is always more room for improvement.


~ by rb on September 18, 2011.

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