we are urged to believe in nuclear powers. our bodies and financial markets are becoming the centre of our truth systems. in these we place our hopes. hopes for a better tomorrow where our dreams are loaned on 12% floating interest rates. the conditioning and systemic abuse of the world economy are going to overturn our relationships with money, friends and family. we refrain from participating in the political and social structures that demands our time and attention. we prefer deliberation to decision; chaos to control; rights of an individual to the concern of the majority. our generation is a perfect blend of consumerism and cluelessness. we can’t complete a semester, a week, a month or a year without McDonalds, Starbucks, Apple, Microsoft, Intel and Google. we google ourselves and our insecurities. we google our pride and porn. in moments of occasional candor, we bond with strangers on the internet. we confess to being addicted to technology and information. we are entertainment whores. we breed voyeurism, surveillance, securitization and intelligence. we make our own words and dictate the dictionary. we want to live the first world dream. we long to believe in capitalism even if we are aware of the fact that it’s impossible to maintain an engine of perpetual growth forever and ever on a finite planet. chips. fizz pop. alcohol, contraceptives and make-up. we think our life is believable. we have successfully showcased a single image of female perfection to which women are encourage to aspire. and it has become rooted in blatant sexual allure. especially when kids sing “sheila ki jawani”. we are lured to believe that one day we will buy all the things we never had. we lost our innocence too soon. we have conveniently deleted the historical experiences of mystics, poets, sages, wanderers and thinkers. we have fallen in love with our own egos.

where are we headed? what are we?


~ by rb on October 6, 2011.

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