to play

all of us play. to someone’s tune. sometimes to ourselves. some play to win. some play to lose. some play to be freed. some play to be possessed. i found this interesting paragraph in a book. thought it is worth to share it here.

“playing means giving oneself temporary freedom from duty and necessity, voluntarily taking risks and being excited because one does not know the outcome; ‘pretending’ is self-conscious delight in alternative possibilities, and appreciation of the fact that no victory is final. Is it an accident that the verb to win derives from the Indo-European root wen, to desire, and the verb to lose from the root los, to set free? Can playing at winning and losing be an apprenticeship in freedom? The Spanish for to win, ganar, derives from the Gothic ganan, to covet, while perder (to lose) comes from the Latin perdere, which originally meant to give completely. The courtly lover who did not want to possess his ideal, who played to lose, discovered that whereas business and war were prosaically about possession, in love it was the play that mattered the most. Being willing to play is one of the conditions of creativity. Love, far from being a distraction from creativity, is a branch of it.”


~ by rb on October 18, 2011.

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