Digitization of life and businesses

I came across this interesting piece of information in a report today published bv Booz & Company – “Driven by a combination of consumer demand and the development of new information and communications technology (ICT), the world is rapidly transforming. This process has been happening since the arrival of the computer 60 years ago, but in the past few years it has accelerated, altering everyday life in unprecedented ways. A society with ubiquitous handheld devices, pervasive sensing apparatus, “big data” analytics, digital supply chains, search engines, social networks, satellite-based geographic tracking, interconnected real-time digital infrastructure, and massive server farms is arguably as different from the 1980s as 1950, with ubiquitous electricity, automobiles, and broadcast radio, was from 1850. This is called digitization.”

The following infographic from econsultancy.com of determining social media ROI is just minor steps towards this phenomenon of digitization



~ by rb on July 4, 2012.

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