You and your search engine

I have always been fascinated with the autocomplete feature on search engines – especially Google. And many interesting points and obeservations have been made on this feature by many experts and thinkers. But this one – the one I quote below – left me fascinating. (I read it in an article)

“Your search engine is your best friend, and you talk to it about everything, even things you might not talk about to your real best friends”, says Danny Sullivan, editor in chief of, a website that covers the search industry. “It’s a way that serach engines reflect society”.

It is so true! I’ve personally seen how the autocomplete keeps changing according to times and while there not be any scientific measure to analyzing consumer trends and beliefs in a quick-to-discover and easily accessible format – I think if we apply considerable thought and practice, the autocomplete feature can be put to good use. Here I just key in one word that would act as the starting point for any question – for e.g.  ‘How’, ‘What’, ‘Why’, ‘Who’, ‘Where’, ‘Which’ including ‘Is’ and ‘Are’. Now let’s see collectively what questions are we asking Google in India at this particular point in time? 🙂










~ by rb on November 24, 2012.

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