3 things you didn’t know about Redbull’s approach to content marketing


Thanks to twitter, we all are familiar with the above visual. That defining moment when Felix Baumgartner jumped off from space.

If you are a marketing professional who is fascinated with what Redbull did, here are 3 things I bet you didn’t know about Redbull’s approach to content marketing:

Firstly – Redbull shot the entire event on film and distributed it across 80 television outlets in five countries along with a live strem on YouTube that was 16 times greater than the views for the summer Olympics that took place a few months before Stratos.

Secondly – Redbull considers itself as a full fledged “media production company” with thousands of hours of original copyrighted footage on extreme / adventure sports. Its vision is to make the company’s content sales equal to that of its energy drinks! A full-length snowboarding feature film “The Art of Flight,” was the No. 1 movie download on iTunes (at $5.99) during its first week of release in September 2011; ‘The Red Bulletin,’ its monthly magazine, has an international circulation of 2.7 million

Thirdly – Redbull was planning this stunt for seven years.

Now, how does that change the way we look at content marketing? Fascinating.


~ by rb on April 17, 2013.

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